Finding unique content for your blog or website

Here’s a tip to find an unending supply of fresh web content articles in just 14 minutes. Go to a blogger content site such as Find-an-Article. You’ll notice these web sites break down the articles into niches. Choose the category that most nearly matches your niche. As an example, select xbox articles when the site you are wanting to promote is in this niche.

Since the articles appear in English, copy & paste them into Google’s translator, convert them to Arabic, copy & paste the text again and convert this to German, then convert this back to English. Be sure to correct any words for readability and verify that the keywords and phrases you want to exploit are intact.

Particularly when you know nothing about the niche when you start, another great idea is to find an article wizard program that creates free web content such as Instant Article Wizard. I’ve purchased and used many such programs. For the money and ease of use, IAW is the best I’ve found. You can crank out multiple unique articles on the same topic keywords in a few minutes. This affords you the ability to post to as many webpages as you want, submit to article directories as many times as you desire and get as much content about a topic as you want. The benefit to you is free content, more pages indexed by MSN and more back links to your web sites.

With the ability to generate high quality content, several doors open for you. You can create many niche webpages and constantly post new content to them. Or, create articles to post to free article sites and get hundreds of back links to your own web pages. Another benefit is to get into the business of writing articles for other webmasters on any keyword they want. The future is unlimited and up to you.

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