Alternatives to AdSense

It might be hard to believe that just seven years ago Google wasn’t the superpower that it is today and that most people preferred Yahoo! for their internet searching needs. To say nothing of Yahoo’s early dominance in the areas of email, chatting and groups. Since those days in the early part of this century Read more about Alternatives to AdSense[…]

Limiting Kontera ContentLinks per page

As I indicated in my last Kontera post, I was a bit perturbed by the number of ContentLinks showing up on a few of my pages.  I noticed that one particular page with 567 words was showing 19 different ContentLinks (talk about destroying page layout!).  I shot off an email to Kontera Support and received a reply back Read more about Limiting Kontera ContentLinks per page[…]

Adsense vs. Kontera

Since Google’s recent clarification of its TOS regarding the use of contextual (in context, keyword linked) ads, many have speculated whether integrating Kontera ContentLinkâ„¢ with existing Adsense niche sites is a good idea. I subscribe to the belief that “just because you can, doesn’t mean you necessarily should.” Will adding Kontera reduce AdSense click-thrus and revenue? Do Read more about Adsense vs. Kontera[…]