Adsense vs. Kontera

Since Google’s recent clarification of its TOS regarding the use of contextual (in context, keyword linked) ads, many have speculated whether integrating Kontera ContentLinkâ„¢ with existing Adsense niche sites is a good idea. I subscribe to the belief that “just because you can, doesn’t mean you necessarily should.”

Will adding Kontera reduce AdSense click-thrus and revenue? Do the Kontera double-underlined links detract from my site’s appearance? Will my visitors experience an increase in page-loading time?  All of these are valid questions and the jury is still out.  The debate continues to rage and probably won’t be resolved in the near future.

Perhaps it is even more fitting as Kontera seems to have eased the minimum traffic requirements necessary to join the program. They’re now allowing people who sign up as a “friend of Joel Comm” to apply regardless of the number of page views the site receives each month. Here’s the link:

I’ve just added the Kontera script to several niche websites that already integrate AdSense ads. The good folks at Kontera advise that we should give them two weeks for site optimization before we judge the program’s effectiveness.  Fair enough. Still I thought I’d report my initial findings.

My Kontera links are returning approximately 5-10% of my AdSense earnings. Pages showing both forms of advertising still load quickly. There does seem to be a time-lag until the Kontera keyword links appear (1-2 seconds after the page loads). The page quality remains about the same, however I’ve noticed some pages show an enormous number of keyword links (12-15), while others highlight only a few.  I’ll attribute that to the optimization process for now.

Overall, I’m initially pleased with my decison to integrate Kontera ContentLink. I’ll continue to report the progress in the coming weeks.  Please feel free to share your own experience in the comments below.