Best Tools for Web Site Design

The following sites are excellent resources for refining your web pages (or simply checking up on the competition!).

“Content IS King!”  We’ve all heard this before and perhaps it sounds cliche’, but the truth is, it is the recognizes that webmasters, blog designers, and ezine publishers ensure the success of their endeavors by continuing to supply fresh content to their markets.  As such, they scour the web seeking new content for you every single day. In addition to English, the site provides translations in French, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, German, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, and Russian. If you need to find free web content for your site, free articles for your blog or ezine, be sure to visit them today.

FREE Meta Tag Analyzer META Tags are used as part of your HTML code. Many search engine “Spiders” use the information contained within META Tags to index your Web page. In most cases a Spider will grab only the first few words, sentences or paragraphs and use those words as the description and keywords for your Web page. META Tags on the other hand tell the Spider what information to use. FREE.

Check Page Ranking
Page Rank Checker is a completely free tool to check the Page Rank value of your web site easily and possibly display your web site’s page rank right on your web pages. FREE.

Get a FREE Classified Ad Page of your own! Provide your visitors with another reason to return to your site time and time again when they post, view, and modify their FREE ads. There is absolutely no cost to become an affiliate.  You earn 20% commission on every feature added.  Get your own Classified Ad page and drive traffic to your site like crazy! FREE.

WebSTAT Basic Edition  You don’t need thousands of dollars to get a good web traffic analysis package. Track up to 20,000 page views per month for free. Access to 10 key reports. Includes a free web counter. Free technical support by email and user forum. FREE.

Link Popularity Tool – Instant, online reports of a site’s link popularity rating in 6 top search engines, including Google, Yahoo! Search, MSN, and others. This is the best tool for analyzing links to a site that we have found – FREE.

Use Free Classifieds to Drive Traffic to Your Site Site owners are discovering the use of Free Classified Ads to tap new markets and provide their visitors with a reason to keep coming back. If you can give your prospects a reason to return to your site, you have…