Limiting Kontera ContentLinks per page

As I indicated in my last Kontera post, I was a bit perturbed by the number of ContentLinks showing up on a few of my pages.  I noticed that one particular page with 567 words was showing 19 different ContentLinks (talk about destroying page layout!).  I shot off an email to Kontera Support and received a reply back in less than 24 hours.

According to the Support team, you can limit the number of ContentLinks appearing on each page by adding the following line in the “var” section of your Kontera script:

var dc_maxLinks=4;

The line above will limit the number of Kontera links to a maximum of 4.  Easily done!

3/20/2007 UPDATE

I just received an update from Christopher Brown (Director, Kontera Account Management):

Your answer [we provided], was actually a bit old.  We now control the number of links on our side of the network.  My concern is that our mistake may lead other publishers into thinking that they will be able to control this on their end.

Would you be so kind as to change your blog to say that publishers simply need to write to our customer support at and request that the number of links be limited and we will take care of it on our end.  Publishers can also request that certain terms never be marked with a ContentLink or that certain advertisers not appear on their site as well.

Please follow Christopher’s instructions and they’ll be happy to comply with your request (mine were handled quite rapidly). Thanks for setting us straight, Christopher!