Pressmania Classifieds

I just have learned about this new classified site where you can place your ads with pictures in your local area.

You can sell without your own website. You can even setup your own free store and sell your products or services directly from their website.

There is no html or programming knowledge required and creating your store is as easy as filling out few forms by answering the questions.

The site is simple and doesn’t cost anything to use. The owner of the site is a successful entrepreneur who has created several other businesses which you might be familiar with. One of his projects is called Adlandpro Free Classifieds.

The site owner Bogdan Fiedur has served over 27,000 paying customers through this site and issued close to $1 million in affiliate commission checks.

The new site called Pressmania is local down to the point of city divisions and is language specific.

Currently six countries are open.

United States
New Zealand
China – Chinese Language Support.  NEW!

The site also offers great earning potential for anyone. Currently you can earn $0.40 for sending visitors to the site to post free ads.

Anyone who creates a store needs to place an ad first. So, telling anyone about free stores, will generate income for you.

This $0.40 paid per lead will be only available until the site receive the amount of traffic satisifactory to the owner. After that it will drop to $0.30, then $0.20 and $0.10 until eventually it is eleminated completely.

If you want to take advantage of this great opportunity you must act now.

Check your email and confirm your ad by clicking the verification link in the message, otherwise the ad won’t be accepted.

Here’s another way you can earn. In addition to people placing free ads you can earn up to 70% commissions just for selling of prime advertising spots on the site which are subscription based. Monthly renewable services offeringresidual income for life.

There are three spots available for each location/category combination. In addition, you can also customize the look of the site and claim it as your own.

You can build menu on the left hand side of the home page promoting your own resources such as your Pressmania Store. This approach allows you to use Pressmania as a free resource for your own website visitors. In addition this can be your own traffic generation tool.

Once visitors bookmark the url with your subdomain as part of it, they will be returning frequently to post more ads. Your customized links will be accessible on the site and can be changed frequently to reflect your current promotions.

Create your store and custom classified pages early to reserve your own unique web name.  As you know search engines pay a lot of attention to web names and will give you preference over your competation in search results

I know this is an exciting opportunity and I’m sure you will get a check by the end of the next month with this easy business.

Act now. Be part of most exciting advertising company today.