Use PPP in conjunction with AdSense

Finding advertising programs to use alongside Google AdSense can be troublesome. Google is quite particular about the types of programs or advertisements that may be used on pages on which AdSense ads appear. Basically, if it looks like an AdSense ad, it probably violates Google’s Terms of Service (TOS).

Looking for another alternative to use with your Google AdSense ads? I’ve just discovered a new program that very well may revolutionize website marketing called Pay-Per-Play.

Here’s how it works: You insert a small snippet of javascript code into your index page of each site or page on which you want to get paid. Everytime the page loads, you receive 25% of the commission.  Better still, refer other website owners and earn 5% affiliate commission for their web traffic as well. Here’s an additional way to monetize your sites that will pay you on 100% of your traffic to your websites and blogs instead of only on a pay per click basis.

Best of all, it doesn’t appear to violate AdSense TOS as they’re now written. Since no action is required on the part of the site visitor, webmasters can get paid every time the page loads.  For more information, check out the pay-per-play program.

The program requires no money whatsoever. It is free to those who have websites in any language, in any country. It requires only that you insert a small snippet of javascript code on every web page on which you want to get paid. Couldn’t be simpler!