MLM Leads & Successful Network Marketing

In between direct sales and mass marketing companies, there is a type of business known as network marketing. This often refers to a company that uses distributors who create a network that consists of both customers and distributors to be lucrative. The best way for this to happen is through the utilization of excellent MLM leads.

These leads are a compilation of personal information that is given by people who have expressed an interest in starting their own network marketing business. These MLM leads are often separated into categories such as surveyed leads, opt-in leads and what is called real time leads. These leads are then divided further into specific lead requirements, depending on the business needs. For example, these leads could include information such as, age, location, income level and expressed desire of a particular lead.

If a marketer is ready to start contacting leads, they should be getting the real time leads. These leads are exactly how they sound, as soon as a prospect fills out a form, the information is sent directly to you. Therefore, you have the chance to call them and speak with them before they have a chance to change their mind. This is very important when turning a prospect into a recruit or even a customer.

The term ‘surveyed lead’ is given to an MLM lead that has already spoken with someone from your company. Typically, this will be someone from your up-line. They have already been warmed up for your conversation with them. They have answered more precise questions, such as their time and money availability and someone with experience has decided that they would be a good quality lead for you to pursue.

MLM leads that are put into the category of opt-ins are most likely from an internet mailing list that they have joined or a newsletter that they have opted to receive. These types of leads will have the least information, but will have an email address. While these leads may not be the most promising, they will give a beginner, as well as a more advanced network marketer, more leads for the money.

The success of your network marketing company is more dependent on you than on the type of MLM leads that you choose. If you don’t work the leads, they will not result in any sales or recruits, plain and simple. The more people you speak with, the better chance you have of someone being genuinely interested in your program, no matter where you get them or how much you spend for your MLM leads.


Your personal success rate with MLM leads is dependent on you working them. It doesn’t matter much where you get them or what category they are classified under, if you don’t contact the MLM leads that you have, they simply will not sign up under you.

About the Author:
Brooke Hayles
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