Best Banner Exchanges

Have a banner for your website?  Swap yours with sites advertising similar products and services.  Get paid to read the ads of others. Get paid to visit other web sites. Earn credits every time your page is visited. The ratio shown with each listing indicates the number of times you show an exchange banner on your page vs. the number of credits you earn to be shown on another site.  For example, a ratio of 2:1 means for every 2 times you show another person’s banner on your page, the exchange will show your banner on 1 other site.



=====> A Swarm of Traffic to Your Site <=====

TrafficSwarm *

You don’t even need a banner to join this one. Get paid 1-1000 credits to read ads posted by other members. Use these credits to buy 1 reciprocal visit to your own web pages. You even get 100 Free Credits just for signing up.

Webmasters Note: If you only have time to join one banner/reciprocal exchange program, make it TrafficSwarm. We combined this one with several other banner exchange programs (see below) to market the site and experienced a truly exceptional increase in traffic (literally overnight!).  We strongly recommend this approach. We were so impressed that we upgraded to their Pro Membership which provides an additional 2500 credits each month (they do charge $30.00 per month for this, but we felt it was worth it for us). Check out the free version for yourself.

*This program is reviewed in the Traffic Testers Report.