Alternatives to AdSense

It might be hard to believe that just seven years ago Google wasn’t the superpower that it is today and that most people preferred Yahoo! for their internet searching needs. To say nothing of Yahoo’s early dominance in the areas of email, chatting and groups.

Since those days in the early part of this century when Google started trumping Yahoo! as the most used and most beloved web portal, they’ve grown from being hip and young to the man behind the black mask. Basically, Google went from being Anakin Skywalker to being Darth Vader almost overnight.

Despite Google’s reputation as the Evil Empire, people continued using their fancy array of products because of the cool way they functioned, the ease with which they were all interconnected and the fact that no matter what they wanted to do, there was always a simple way to monetize with AdSense.

Most people point to AdSense as the crowning jewel of the Google fortune, but lately it would be more appropriate to label AdSense the Kryptonite that may transform Google into a mere mortal.

If the easy money that AdSense guaranteed was the reason that people used Google, I’d sell every share of their stock as soon as possible.

Google’s AdSense advertising program appears to be losing its dominating grip on the Internet with considerable losses in its market share. Where AdSense was once the standard for Internet advertising, it is now looked upon as the confusing and slow Goliath – ripe for the smaller, more agile David to slay.

Hundreds of new advertising networks have shown considerable staying power when attacking their Google rival head on and it seems like more than a few are even declaring victory.

Some web publishers have been banned by Google and are forced to find income generating alternatives. Millions more are switching away from AdSense due to decreasing monthly profits.  So where are they going?

There isn’t just one answer. As web hosts run around looking for the best service to satisfy their needs, they are realizing that there are specialty companies that are customized to the specific advertising skill sets they are looking for. So the answer could be not just one company, but dozens, if not hundreds.

As the Internet gets bigger, people will be looking for more specific companies to help service their needs. Will people still use Google to look for the AdSense competitors? Probably, but a better place to look is AdSense Alternatives which provides a comprehensive guide to AdSense alternatives.

Adsense Alternatives provides an honest review of these programs: AdEngage, aLinks, AdBrite, AuctionAds, Azoogle, BidClix, BidVertiser, Burst Media, Casale Media, Chitika, Clicksor, Kontera, ConTEXT Ad, FavAds, Findology, RealTrafficExchange, Kanoodle, Miva MC, Nixxie, Quigo, RevenuePilot, Selling PPP, ShoppingAds, TargetPoint, Yahoo, and Widget Ad Generator.

Whatever you are using for your advertising needs, just make sure that the company you choose have their feet firmly planted on the ground.