Adding video to your site to draw visitors

Since we’re a “visual” self-help society, instructional videos can provide a good source of content. I’m experimenting with the addition of video content on at least one of my  sites: Preventing Identity Theft

Here is one of the videos I’ve added: Free Credit Report Video

You’ll notice that I’ve added links in the navigation bar. I’ve included a link to an article related to the video just after the video appears in the article section of the page (“If you liked this video, you may also like this article…”)

My logic goes like this. Many visitors are seeking sites that are “instructional” in nature. Articles can draw them in using keywords, but I’m really looking for more than hit-and-run visitors. I want them to visit, bookmark my site, AND revisit. It’s far easier to keep them coming back with great content (e.g., “how do I install that kitchen sink again? I’ll look at that video I found on…”). I also plan to add an opt-in email list at some point.

Step-by-step instructions on adding video to your site may be found on Google’s site.

Once you visit the Google video site, you can search for content related to your own niche: Gardening, vacations, home improvement, knitting, you name it! Best of all, Google hosts the video on their site, so it’s not a drain on your sites resources – you simply link to them.

It’s a unique way to set your informational website apart from the competition and keep your visitors coming back.