Do automated link exchanges work?

We’ve all heard that getting other sites to link to our own is a great way to get noticed by the search engines. The thinking goes that if a bunch of sites link to mine it must be popular and this will improve the likelihood that my site will be found in the top rankings Read more about Do automated link exchanges work?[…]

Adding video to your site to draw visitors

Since we’re a “visual” self-help society, instructional videos can provide a good source of content. I’m experimenting with the addition of video content on at least one of my  sites: Preventing Identity Theft Here is one of the videos I’ve added: Free Credit Report Video You’ll notice that I’ve added links in the navigation bar. I’ve Read more about Adding video to your site to draw visitors[…]

Best Tools for Web Site Design

The following sites are excellent resources for refining your web pages (or simply checking up on the competition!). “Content IS King!”  We’ve all heard this before and perhaps it sounds cliche’, but the truth is, it is the TRUTH. recognizes that webmasters, blog designers, and ezine publishers ensure the success of their endeavors by continuing Read more about Best Tools for Web Site Design[…]

FREE Index of the Best Surveys Other Sites Charge You to Join

Yes, you can earn a significant income working full or part time from the comfort of your own home.  Marketing companies are actively seeking feedback from people just like you – so tell them what you REALLY think – and get paid for your time! And NO, you don’t need to pay a fee to Read more about FREE Index of the Best Surveys Other Sites Charge You to Join[…]