Earn Adsense income by sharing other people’s videos (Free)

Video sharing websites like Google Video and Youtube.com have exploded in the past year. Just look at Youtube’s growth since January, 2006: That’s over 1.9 Million hits PER DAY! All that traffic makes video sharing websites a TON of money in advertising dollars. They benefit financially by tapping into our inner desire to share with Read more about Earn Adsense income by sharing other people’s videos (Free)[…]

Rewrite those PLR articles

PLR (Private Label Rights) articles seem to be one of the latest crazes to generate income from Google Adsense. Let me encourage my readers who choose this approach to check the Terms of Service (TOS) of your PLR program first. Most of the better PLR groups will allow you to make modifications to the prepared articles. I Read more about Rewrite those PLR articles[…]

How NOT to promote your website

This post is just a word of caution to those who may not be fully aware of Google’s Program Policies. I had a few sites I had been promoting using traffic exchange programs like TrafficSwarm, TrafficG, and TrafficSoldiers. I eventually got around to integrating Adsense on these sites. Unfortunately, a few days later I received a Read more about How NOT to promote your website[…]

Don’t forget about yourself!

One of the quickest ways I’ve found to get a site listed, is to add a paragraph on an existing site I own linking to the new site, preferably one which is already indexed and has an established PageRank. Here’s an example: “If you’re looking for ideas about container gardening, we highly recommend Gardening Tips for Read more about Don’t forget about yourself![…]